Woodside Pottery - Fine Art Pottery in the Craftsman Tradition

Gold Leaves Platter Petals Lidded Vessel Swirls Bowl

Woodside Pottery
9 Mariele Drive
Fairfax, CA 94930


My name is Jane Woodside and I design and create the handmade pottery collection of the Woodside Pottery. Here you may browse through images of my work and order pieces you like. I explain my techniques, give directions to my studio and information on upcoming shows.

In addition, I have designed this website to educate visitors regarding the craftsman tradition as it relates to collecting and appreciating studio pottery, and I've shared my favorite links about learning to create your own pottery.

Click on pottery pieces in the pictures for more information on that piece.

Pottery Available for Purchase:

Climbing Leaves Orchid Pot with tray Tisket-Tasket Vase Galaxy Ikebana


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